Included with your Koddo device and every packet of Koddo e-liquid pods is a set of instructions for use and additional safety information. Please read carefully.

To help you in relation to the safe operation of your Koddo, below are a number of frequently asked questions.


What are the recommended safety precautions I need to adhere to when using my Koddo?

If you inhale on your Koddo for more than 8 seconds in one go, the LED letter K on your Koddo flashes, and your Koddo shuts down. If you notice any defect in this feature, do not use your Koddo and contact us.

If you notice that the LED letter K stays on after you stop inhaling, your Koddo requires cleaning.  To do this, first remove the e-liquid pod.  Take a tissue and carefully clean around the base of the pod and the inside of the Koddo. You can also blow into the Koddo gently (without the pod inserted) to remove any build-up of material that may be clogging the air ducts.

Never leave your Koddo or the e-liquid pods within reach of children.  Do not swallow the liquid; do not smoke, drink or eat during use.  If any e-liquid is accidentally swallowed, rinse your mouth immediately with water.  As with all vaping devices, the Koddo is not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. In the case of any respiratory discomfort, stop using your Koddo immediately and consult your doctor.

It is advised to remove the pod while charging. After the Koddo has been fully charged, always disconnect it from the USB/Micro USB charging cable supplied.

Avoid leaving your Koddo in places where it could be exposed to high temperatures (e.g. in direct sunlight) or, liquid (e.g. water).


What are the different functions of the LED letter K on the Koddo?

The LED letter K on the body of the Koddo has several states:

  • In use or during charging, it illuminates
  • If you exceed 8 seconds of inhalation or, if the battery is empty, it flashes quickly
  • During charging, the LED letter K illuminates to indicate the Koddo is charging – the LED letter K goes out when the device is fully charged


I am experiencing an unusual taste when using my Koddo, what’s going on?

There may be several reasons:

  • When a new e-liquid pod is inserted, it can take 4 to 5 puffs to “initialize”.
  • The liquid in the e-liquid pod has run out: in this case, stop using the e-liquid pod and replace it immediately.
  • If you use your Koddo for an extended period of constant use, the internal wick may dry out.  To remedy this, stand the device vertically without using it for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • There is little or no taste and a low volume of vapour when you exhale – this is a sign that the battery is low.  Immediately put the Koddo on charge.


Can my Koddo leak?

In some cases, you may see traces of liquid on the e-liquid pod or your Koddo. If this occurs, clean the e-liquid pod and the Koddo carefully with a tissue or soft cloth.

Traces of e-liquid may occur after or during:

– taking your device on an aircraft

– having your Koddo in an area of high humidity.

If you detect significant quantities of e-liquid visible then your specific e-liquid pod or the Koddo itself may have a defect. Stop using it immediately and contact us.


Can I use my Koddo while it is charging?

Yes, the Koddo is equipped with a pass-through function allowing you to use it while it is charging. Always unplug your Koddo immediately after charging and never leave the USB/Micro USB charging cable supplied with your Koddo connected once fully charged.


I cannot insert the e-liquid pod correctly into my Koddo

Firstly, do not try to force it!  The pods are designed for easy insertion. The likely cause of this issue is one of the magnets at the base of the pod may have come loose and attached to a magnet inside the device. In the event this occurs, stop using your Koddo immediately and contact us at for a replacement.