The Koddopod was designed in France out of frustration with the complexity of other vaping products available to smokers.

We felt this needed to be simplified to make it easier to enjoy a life without tobacco.

So, we set about creating a product.

A product that is super easy to use and doesn’t require refilling, buttons to be pressed or coils to be replaced, the Koddopod is small enough to fit easily into your pocket or handbag.

A product that is small, discrete, stylish and can appeal to all smokers to enhance their vaping experience.

With a range of premium French designed and manufactured E-liquids and flavours, combined with a nicotine salts based formulation, the Koddopod meets the needs of smokers and provides a truly satisfying vape.

And Koddopod is simple and easy to use. Just charge-up, snap in an E-liquid pod and enjoy.

May the Koddo be with you!