Simple, Stylish, Satisfying

No need to refill

No buttons to press

Eye-catching aluminium design

Stylish, contemporary, effective

Making vaping easier… and taking it to the next level!

Red Koddopod
Ice Mint Pods from Koddopod

Convenient and Enjoyable

Small, discrete, easy to use

Fits in your pocket or handbag with ease

Nicotine salts based E-liquid formulation

Ultra-smooth taste and delivery

Just pop in a pod of premium French made E-liquid and enjoy!

Three Smart Colours

Koddopod Red

Red Koddo

Koddopod gold

Gold Koddo

Koddpod grey

Grey Koddo

Four Great Flavours

Cool mint pod by Koddopod

Ice Mint

Red berry pod by Koddopod

Red Berry

Mango Pineapple pod by Koddopod

Mango & Pineapple

Tobacco pod by Koddopod

Tobacco | USA Strong